Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Opportunity knocks

As the extreme cold weather in February (apparently the worst for 15 years) made way for warmer days it became clear just how many plants in the garden were in a terminal state.. The hedges were brown but deep inside there were signs of life, lots of shrubs and the fruit trees had blossom but there many casualties too.

Despite being the hardiest of the palms, that cold for that long was just too much for the newly planted specimens by the pool. Unfortunately it was also too much for the huge clump of bamboo which provides (or did) essential protection from the Autan winds.

In the herb garden the bay, thymes, tarragon, sage and rosemary all bit the dust turning browner each day. Not much help with summer cooking likely!

One by one the casualties were removed and as the pile of bonfire fuel grew ever higher and spaces were revealed it became more and more apparent that this was actually a great opportunity to do some rethinking and make some changes in parts of the garden which had just been left as they were when we arrived.

So we now have a bigger new herb garden, new shady beds at the side and behind the house and a nice new tree at the front.

Now every time I go out I have a good excuse for buying plants ( but come to think of it when did I never need that). There's just one thing though - it would be nice to have a really good garden centre ( one of the few things I miss living here) the local one still has its own dead palms for sale!