Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Aici sén pla

10 months since the last post - how time flies an' all that!

We will soon embark on the fifth year of our life here at Ségala - the Ségala sunrises continue to be stunning but somehow I never get round to blogging - too busy enjoying life and hoping I don't wake up to find it's all a dream.

Time for a change. I've never been good at diary writing ( a pity as there are such stories I could tell that no-one would believe now) always too busy just getting on with it. But this year we embark on our fifth year living at Segala. I have decided to try to mark it with a daily diary ( some days it will be just a photo) of our life over the year starting on 8th October when we moved in.

I have trawled my brain for witty titles without success then I remembered the slogan on the T shirts at the fêtes in Espinas in the summer

A friend translated it from the occitan for us. It seems to mean something along the lines of my soul/heart  likes it here. Very apt for us,  "I like it here " is a refrain we use to each other at least daily so that's the plan - Aici sén pla - a year of daily musings from a contented retired expat who thinks herself  damned lucky every single day

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